Ship Safe Packaging

Seldom do we experience damage in shipping with our Ship Safe packaging.  This is due to the unique way we pack it – securely protecting the succulent with ample cardboard. We also glue the gravel that is on top of the dirt making the arrangement very stable.  We use a non-toxic water soluble glue that does not hurt the plants. Over time as you water it, the glue dissipates and loosens.

We even take the extra care to check the weather for the next few days where the package is being delivered. If we see there might be snow, sleet or ice we will put complimentary hot hand warmers in with the succulents to keep them from freezing. This is critical for multi-day journeys as a cold freeze will kill your succulents.

We love succulents and want to make sure your package gets delivered with happy, healthy plants!

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